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Our Fields


    Going towards the coast west of Talca, near the ancient town of Pencahue, the field “The Two hundred” extends. With 370 hectares of land planted with olive varieties Arbequina, Leccino, Frantoio and FS17. Her two first vintages (2009 and 2010) were praised by international recognition awards.


    West of Talca, city center Maule Valley, we find Quepu Valley, where the field “El Cerrito” is located; which it has a plantation about 250 hectares of olive trees. In rolling hills , this looks the combination of the silvery green olive trees in their varieties Arbequina, Picual, Frantoio and Leccino.


    Milla is located 1 Km. From Pencahue Square to the west and 5 km. From ” The 200″, having a total area of ​​217 hectares. For its similutud the Mediterranean climate, these soils allow us to obtain unique quality olive in Chile.

Oil Mill

State of the Art Technology

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    The Oil Mill is where we make our extra virgin olive oils. The grapes arrive at their ideal point of ripeness to extract the best qualities of the fruit and produce the best extra virgin olive oil in the region.

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    Exceptional Quality

    We work as a team to obtain a product that is different in every sense—from the packaging, which has been recognized in various international competitions, to the contents, which, thanks to the latest technology and the very best raw material, ensures a high quality product.

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    Environmental Commitment

    Our commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility are fundamental pillars of our company. We care for and protect our surroundings, including the incorporation of natural renewable energy and generating a sustainable process.

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    Great Capacity

    Olive processing capacity: 300 tons per day Oil storage capacity: 2,500,000 liters.


  • The harvest begins in April and ends in late May, when we pick the olives, mostly with a special harvesting machine, the only late-generation prototype of its kind in the world. The process begins when the olives just reach their optimal level of ripeness, which varies from one variety to the next.

    The precise moment of harvest is crucial, and this is one of the points in which we stand out from the rest because we do not allow more than 4 hours to pass from the tree to the first stage of processing in order to ensure an outstanding quality of extra virgin olive oil.

    • 1. HARVEST

      Harvest season runs from April through late May-June

    • 2. UNLOAD

      The oil-mil receives the quiet olives and selects them, rejecting defective, stick, torn (broken), etc.


      The olives go to the cleaner where a draught and bodies separate and eliminate extras less heavy that it could bring the olive. Using gravity system.

    • 4. WASH

      The olive goes on to the washer where by means of water to cross-current there are eliminated the land, stones an other particles.

    • 5. PRESS

      To press olives is necessary to turn in to a mass and liberating the oil that the olives contains. Using the Westfalia System.


      Extraction solid – liquid: Using the centrifugation forcé. Extraction liquid – liquid: To obtain free oil of wáter and impurities.

    • 7. STORAGE

      In stainless stell tanks with capacity of 1,5 million litres.


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    Las Doscientas

  • Arbequina

    Las Doscientas

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    Las Doscientas

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    Olivo de Plata

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    El Cerrito

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to trascend the noble value of the olive oil through high quality products to benefit your quality of life.


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